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Aegean Airlines Holiday Packages

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Recent research has revealed that money spent on experiential purchases goes a longer way than money spent on material purchases does, suggesting that enduring happiness is more closely related to these types of purchases. Are you ready to get happy, like really happy? There’s no better time to start than this holiday season, when spirits are already high and there is time to actually do so. The best part? You can do it cheaper with Aegean Airlines, with destinations including Abu Dhabi, Alexandria, Amsterdam and Berlin.

What Is Aegean Airlines?

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Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airline in terms of passengers carried, available destinations and fleet size. The airlines’ “headquarters” is Athens International Airport in Athens, Greece, and its fleet consists of 32 modern aircraft. Each aircraft is equipped with great seating and passenger services, and in-flight entertainment is also available. The airline allows you to book all domestic and international flights online.

According to, Aegean is on time 81 percent of the time, ranking it in the top quarter of all airlines in the world. Flight cancelations are rather uncommon for this airline.

Aegean Airlines was founded in 1987 under the name Aegean Aviation. Originally, the airline was exclusively a VIP/business air operator that focused on executive and air ambulance services.

In 1992, Aegean Airlines became the first airline to receive a Greek independent air operator’s license. In 1994, it was acquired by Vasilakis Group, commencing VIP flights from Athens to all over thworld

The airline has been a Star Alliance member since June 2010. It operates scheduled and charter services from Athens and Thessaloniki to many other Greek destinations,
as well as
several European and Middle Eastern countries. The airline’s head office is in Athens suburb Kifisia.

In 2016, it was awarded the Skytrax World Airline award for being the best European regional airline. Aegean won the award for the sixth year in a row,
as well as
the the seventh time since 2009.

In 2018, the airline scheduled flights totaling 16.7 million seats (this includes Olympic Air), which equals 700,000 more seats than in 2017. Aegean Airlines aims to have more than 15 million passengers by 2023.

Aegean Airlines has long been strengthening its international presence and supporting Greek tourism both in Athens and at regional airports. The company’s fleet consists of 47 Airbus A320 family aircraft. In October of 2013, Aegean Airlines acquired Olympic Air, increasing convenience, frequencies and connections for its customers. The airline, combined with its subsidiary Olympic Air, provides scheduled passenger services directly to 145 destinations, including 111 international destinations and 34 domestic destinations, in 45 countries.

Some of Aegean Airlines’ most popular routes include London to Athens, London to Larnaca, Manchester to Athens, London to Heraklion, Larnaca to London, Larnaca to Athens, Athens to Thessaloniki, Manchester to Athens, Copenhagen to Athens, London to Mytilene, and Athens to Santorini.

Is Aegean Airlines Affordable?

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Cheap flight tickets are available on Aegean Airlines’ official websites. Purchasing tickets online is the best way of getting a cheap ticket. There are many other advantages to booking online, such as full flight schedules and flight status information.

According to, cheap Aegean Airlines tickets are usually available on Mondays, with the price total coming out to approximately 45 percent below their average price, resulting in $363 in savings. Aegean Airlines’ average ticket price is $804, about $1,349 less than the average price of other mid-size carriers.

Let Expedia Help You Get the Cheapest Possible Flight

Aegean and Expedia have formed a strategic alliance to help you get the best airline flight deals. Expedia works to help reduce the cost of your flight by using simple price comparison tools. These tools work for both planned-ahead flights and last-minute deals.

Booking your flight with Expedia also gives you access to a wide array of online tools, such as an online calendar that organizes your travel and fare alerts.

Purchase and Share Miles

Use the airline’s Purchase miles service or share award miles with a loved one to help them also build great experiences.

It is possible to send a gift of award miles to any fellow airline member you wish using Gift miles and Transfer miles services. Donating award miles with the Donate miles service allows you to make a difference in the world and support many meaningful causes.

Aegean Airlines Partnership

Aegean Airlines has partnered with COSMOTE DEALS to offer a 30€ discount on selected international flights, or a 20€ discount on flights in Greece, for round-trip tickets for up to two passengers. Simply enter your COSMOTE DEALS for YOU code under the “promotional code” field upon booking.

Use Skyscanner and Save

Skycanner allows you to browse the airline’s flights to find the lowest prices and most convenient times for your specific travel. You can book your flight directly with the airline or with a travel agent for the best price (Skyscanner does not add any commission). Skyscanner lets you find your cheapest flight without entering specific dates, or even destinations.

This service gives you fare options spread over a month so you can find out exactly when’s cheapest. This is particularly great for budget flights because it searches over 1,000 airlines in total.

Fare Categories

Aegean Airlines offers two fare categories in its Economy Class. For example, GoLight tickets are cheaper and start from €19 (to Athens) and from €41 (from Athens) via the domestic network. Flex tickets, on the other hand, allow for enhanced flexibility, including the ability to change your ticket as many times as you want with no rebooking fee. These tickets begin from €40 (to Athens) and from €61 (from Athens) in the domestic network.

If you are only traveling for only one to a few days, there is even a GoLight option, which promises to be cheaper travel “than ever before.” With this feature, you will be allowed one hand bag up to 8 kilograms. The option offers ticket changes for €30 for domestic flights (or €40 for short international flights and €50 for longer international flights), Miles+Bonus mileage accrual, and a 33 percent discount on children’s tickets.

Plans always changing? Aegean Airlines lets you pick a Flex ticket, which, as the name implies, allows you to change your ticket as many times as you want with no booking fee. The option allows one handbag up to 8 kg, one bag up to 23 kg, Miles+Bonus mileage accrual, and a 33 percent discount for children’s tickets. This type of ticket is also refundable in the event of cancellation.

The airline is currently not offering any specific holiday packages.

Amenities Offered By Aegean Airlines

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Aegean Airlines and its subsidiary Olympic Air have a frequent flyer program called Miles+Bonus. Miles+Bonus has three tiers: Blue, Silver and Gold. Gold members of Miles+Bonus and passengers traveling business class also gain special access to the three Aegean Business Lounges, located in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larnaca.

The airlines’ passengers are offered a tour of Greece via a series of short films on its in-flight entertainment system. The films explore and promote the country’s culture. There is also information offered, such as the route taken, altitude and the speed of the aircraft, and the time of arrival.

In its domestic network, the airline offers an extensive network of conveniently located airports, luggage up to 8 kg, checked baggage up to 23 kg (Flex), complimentary drinks and snacks on every flight, specially designed leather seating, Recaro thin leather seats with extra leg room (30 inches), the possibility to change your ticket at a fee, and web check-in and seat selections 48 hours prior to departure.

Aegean Airlines’ International Network additionally offers complimentary refreshments and drinks, a “Discover Greek Cuisine” hot meal, kids’ activity packs, the possibility to change your ticket at a fee for Saver tickets, the possibility to change the ticket without a rebooking fee for Flex tickets, and Shop on Board service.

While booking your flight with Aegean, you will also be able to choose between several baggage allowance options, see conditions about changing or canceling your flight, enjoy discounts for children, find priority check-ins and baggage handling, request a specific seat, or order special meals.

You will also be able to manage your reservation online whenever you want. This allows you to change your reservation, edit contact details, add security fast track, insure your travel, or book a nearby hotel. You will be able to access online check-in from 48 hours up to 30 minutes before your flight. Everything is very easy and safe!


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As previously mentioned, the research shows that experiential purchases lead to higher satisfaction and more happiness because they enhance social relations, form a bigger part of a person’s identity, and evoke fewer social comparisons than material purchases. In addition to all of this, Aegean Airlines has some of the best deals on the market! So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight with Aegean Airlines today, before the holidays become a thing of yesterday.


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