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Asiana Airlines Tour Packages


Say the name “Incheon,” and most people will reply, “Bless you!” and offer a tissue. Of those who know it as one of Asia’s largest air transit hubs, many will have passed through the airport themselves, and they will tell you how beautiful and clean it is, how helpful the staff are, and how efficiently their connection was. Fewer of them will know that it is also the gateway airport to one of Asia’s most exciting destinations for tourists, South Korea, as well as a hub for one of Asia’s best airlines, Asiana Airlines. For those who want to experience South Korea, Asiana is a great place to look for tour packages.


What Is Asiana Airlines?


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Asiana Airlines is a major airline based in South Korea.


The Basics


As one of the two major Korean airlines and one of the largest airlines in Asia, Asiana Airlines (OZ) operates flights to ninety international destinations in twenty-seven countries, as well as fourteen destinations within South Korea. Asiana is a full-service carrier, offering first, business, and economy class travel on most flights. Lounge access is available for premium travelers at many of their destination airports. Asiana is a member of the global Star Alliance along with twenty-seven other airlines including United Airlines, Air Canada, Singapore Air, and Air China.


First Class Airline


Since its founding in 1988, Asiana Airlines has developed a loyal following due to its reputation for stellar in-flight and ground staff service. In 2009, Asiana was awarded Airline of the Year by Air Transport World. It is one of eight airlines worldwide that hold a five-star rating on SkyTrax, which also named it The Best Airline in the World during its annual World Airline Awards in 2010.

Asiana has also been recognized for its commitment to environmental sustainability, being named “the first environmentally friendly company within the service industry” by the South Korean Ministry of Environment due to its implementation of programs to reduce emissions from its aircraft and ground facilities. in 1996, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) awarded Asiana first class certification.  In 2018, Asiana began operating the relatively environmentally friendly Airbus A350 on select routes.

Airline Ratings awards Asiana six out of seven stars for safety.


Gateway to Seoul


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Asiana maintains two hubs in South Korea: an international hub and a domestic hub. Its international hub, Incheon International (ICN), is by far South Korea’s largest airport. Although Incheon itself is located on the coast nearly fifty miles from Seoul, the two cities are connected enough that travelers to Seoul frequently fly into Incheon. Upon arrival at Incheon, it is possible to get to Seoul Station in central Seoul by train, express train, bus, or taxi in well under an hour. Rail and bus connections are also available to the smaller Gimpo International Airport (GMP), Asiana’s domestic hub. Gimpo is much closer to Seoul proper, but although there are flights from Gimpo to destinations outside of South Korea including China, Japan, and Taiwan, most international travelers find themselves at Incheon airport for their arrivals, departures, and connections.


Where does Asiana Airlines Fly To?


Asiana Airlines flies to ninety international destinations in twenty-seven countries and fourteen domestic destinations within South Korea.


South Korea


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Asiana operates flights out of Gimpo International Airport to the next two largest cities in South Korea, Busan and Daegu, as well as the popular resort island Jeju, among other destinations.


United States


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In the United States, Asiana serves the following destinations:


  • Anchorage, AK
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • New York, NY
  • Portland, OR
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA

Asiana has a codeshare agreement with United Airlines, which has service to most major airports in the U.S.




bridge in europe

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In Europe, the following gateway airports are served:


  • Barcelona
  • Istanbul
  • Paris (Charles DeGaul)
  • Venice
  • Frankfurt
  • London (Heathrow)
  • Rome




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With routes to twenty-two cities in China, Asiana is one of the largest carriers to the Chinese mainland. Destinations served include major Chinese hubs such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, as well as popular tourist destinations such as Guilin, Hangzhou, and Qingdao. They also fly to non-mainland destinations such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.




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Asiana flies to ten Japanese destinations, including both Narita (NRT) and Haneda (HND) in Tokyo, and other popular cities such as Osaka and Sapporo.


Southeast Asia


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Asiana flies to major cities in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.


Further Afield


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Other destination countries include Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Palau, Saipan, and India.


Tourism in South Korea


Korea Sungnyemun Rite

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Often overlooked as a tourist destination, South Korea nonetheless has a lot to offer both the intrepid traveler seeking adventure and the more cautious tourist looking only for a great photo opportunity or shopping excursion. The rising popularity of Korean cuisine, music, and pop culture coupled with increasingly stable relations with its neighbor North Korea have led to an explosion in tourism to the country, with over thirteen million foreign visitors arriving in 2017. Here are a few reasons why:




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Although Seoul is an ultra-modern city moving into the future at break-neck speed, step into the right alleyway and you will find yourself transported centuries into the past. You will find the modern world rubbing elbows with the ancient in every corner of the country, which is home to eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Haensa Temple, Jongmyo Shrine and the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty.


Pop Culture


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The “Korean Wave” has taken the world by storm, and travelers flock to South Korea to see where it all started. Fans of K-Pop can scan the crowds of Seoul for their favorite singer while hearing the latest hit songs pulsing throughout the streets,  soap-opera fans might chance upon their favorite drama being filmed right in front of them.




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Aside from being one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, Korean food is also delicious. There is little to be said about kimchi (Korean pickled vegetables) that hasn’t already been said, but the popular side dish is just the tip of the spicy iceberg. South Korea is a food-lovers dream, with regional dishes such as dalk galbi (spicy steamed chicken and vegetables), odeng (hot fish patties—not spicy!), and meul naengmyeon (buckwheat noodles in chilled broth with vegetables—also not spicy!). For the uber-adventurous, you can even order a live octopus (san-nakji) to chase around your plate before slurping up.




gazebo at the lake

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Outside the neon cities, and even within many of them, South Korea is a nature lover’s paradise. The 2018 Winter Olympic Games were famously held at the Alpensia Sports Park near the town of Pyeongchang, in one of the country’s many areas of pristine mountain wilderness. For sun-worshipers, the island of Jeju (“South Korea’s Hawaii”) offers diving, snorkling, and beach time.




people walking in market street

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Seoul is a shopper’s paradise, where you can pick through traditional handicrafts in the alleyway markets of Insadong, keep up appearances with boutique skin care products in the pedestrian streets of Myeongdong, or get schooled on the latest fashions at the storefronts of Namdaemun.


Tour Packages

Asiana Airlines is currently offering a wide selection of promotions for the travel season.


Luxury Korean Travel Package


Asiana Airlines has partnered with KATA (The Korean Association of Travel Agents) to offer an assortment of intriguing package tours within South Korea.


Discover Korea Tour


On Asiana’s Discover Korea Tours, you can sip tea with monks in ancient temples, catch a glimpse of traditional Korean life in mountain villages, and take in South Korea’s finest views from coastal walking paths. Asiana offers a four-day tour of Eastern Korea, a four-day tour of Western Korea, or a seven-day tour around the whole country. They also offer two to four day tours of the city of Incheon as well as other destinations like Gyeongsangnam-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and Gangwon-do. Tour prices include:

  • Accomodation for all nights
  • Transportation by mini-van or bus
  • All entrance fees
  • An English-speaking tour guide
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Railcruise Haerang


Two to three days’ luxury train travel around the country are also offered for a more relaxing tour. Quarters in the “hotel on wheels” include beds, sofas, and televisions. Suite Rooms contain private bathrooms.




For those with an interest in the South’s troubled history with North Korea, Asiana offers several fascinating opportunities to gain unique insight into the situation. On the Panmunjom tours, you can hear about the realities of life in North Korea straight from a North Korean defector and visit the border to see the North for yourself.


Southern Province


Kumho Bus tours are available to take in South Korea’s beautiful southwestern province, Jeollanam-do.

Details and pricing for the above tours can be found by visiting the link below:


Magic Boarding Pass


So, now that you have arrived on your Asiana Airlines flight to South Korea (or one of dozens of other destinations around the world), don’t throw away that boarding pass! For up to a month after your boarding date, you can use it to get all kinds of discounts on:

  • Admission tickets
  • Hotels
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Currency exchange commissions

Of the sixty-seven participants in South Korea alone, some eye-catching examples of deals include a 30% discount on a one-day pass to Lotte World (South Korea’s “Disneyland”), a 15% discount on a tour of Korea’s first craft brewery, and up to 50% off currency exchange commissions at KEB Hana Bank.

Additional special offers are available in North America, Europe, Oceania, and elsewhere in Asia. More deals can be found by visiting this link.


Fly Asiana Airlines


It is always the right time to travel, but there has never been a better time to visit South Korea or any of the ninety destinations that Asiana Airlines flies to. Plan your travel, book your tickets, and save money by visiting Asiana Airlines’ website below:

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