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Austrian Airlines Holiday Packages

Austrian airplane in the airport

There is an anonymous, yet profound quote that declares, “Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly!” Today, world travel is very much an effortless enterprise, thanks to the large fleet of domestic and international airlines that cruise across the global skies. Austrian Airlines is one such carrier that is unfailingly committed to high-quality air travel. In this article, we’ll explore the many advantages it offers that set it apart from its peers.


Austrian Airlines Company Profile


Austrian plane flying on the midair

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This year is a special time for Austria in terms of air travel. It was exactly one hundred years ago when this European country first opened its skies to an international air connection between itself and Ukraine. However, it still had to wait for close to four decades (until 1955), before its skies were home to two established air carrier – Austrian Airways and Air Austria. Two years later, the two companies merged into “Austrian Airlines AG.”

Today, it is a part of the larger Lufthansa group – the largest airline group across Europe. It is also a part of Star Alliance. It is this higher airline pedigree which helps them offer their loyal customers Silver and Gold reward programs to make their air travel both seamless and luxurious.


An Austrian Company with Heart

Austrian Airlines operates from the capital city of Vienna, straight out of Vienna International Airport. Its central location makes it a leading international carrier, not just across Europe but also across the globe. Their staff wear the red-and-white colors of the Austrian flag, even as they serve their international customers with a cosmopolitan ambiance and a welcoming smile. This all-encompassing sentiment also reflects in their mission statement as they proudly proclaim, “We carry Austria in our hearts, and ever more customers into the word.”


A Company That Has Endured a Roller Coaster Journey

Since its inception, this company has survived quite the roller coaster journey as it has outlasted a change of name, a change of ownership (as it was taken over by Lufthansa), and even a change of operations (as it transitioned to and from Tyrolean Airways). Today, the company stands tall, proud, and profitable – with a reported turnover of over 2.4+ million Euros in 2017. It is thus valued across the globe as an elite airline.
In fact, Austrian Airlines recently celebrated its glorious 60th year of international air travel since its first international flight to London in 1958. Finally, the airline sums it up with a tagline: “The charming way to fly.”


Fleet & Destinations


Austrian Airlines is a superior airline that operates both domestic and international flights to 130 destinations across 55 countries. For this, they function using an exemplary fleet comprising eighty-three sturdy aircraft. The airline primarily operates across two types of aircraft: long-haul, and short/medium-haul aircraft.

This consists of the highest quality of planes for their long-haul flights, including those from Boeing and Airbus. (In fact, these are the two top aircraft manufacturers across the globe!) Austrian Airlines also use Bombardier and Embraer aircraft (still listed within the top 20 aircraft manufacturers in the world) for their short and medium-haul flights.


Detailed Breakup of the Austrian Airlines Fleet

The Boeing 777-200ER is a commanding beast in the global skies, with its wings spanning across 200 feet and with a total length of 208 feet. It can also cruise at staggering speeds of up to 640 miles/hour. The pièce de résistance is that it can comfortably seat up to three hundred and six people! It is no wonder that Austrian Airlines reserves these magnificent giants for their long-haul flights.

The airline owns six such planes, all playfully christened to resonate with their company mission: “Sound of Music,” “Heart of Europe,” “Dream of Freedom,” “Spirit of Austria,” “Blue Danube,” and “Sibanye” (which aptly translates to “together”). Nice!

The Boeing 767-300ER is another arresting presence in the air, with its wings spanning across 156 feet and with a total length of 180 feet. This is no slacker either with a seating capacity of two hundred and eleven, and a maximum speed of up to 577 miles/hour. Austrian Airlines operates six of these, primarily reserved for their international flights across China, India, Japan, Thailand, and other countries.

As always, the airline also honors all things wonderfully Austrian, by naming two of these planes after popular Austrian culture like the Salzburg Festival (Salzburger Festspiele), and the Vienna Choir Boys (Wiener Sängerknaben), who are incidentally recognized as the best boys choir worldwide.


Short and Medium-Haul Flights

Besides the above-listed aircraft, Austrian Airlines operates thirty-six sturdy aircraft manufactured by Airbus, including the Airbus 321-211 and Airbus 321-111. These can each seat up to two hundred passengers. They also have the slightly smaller Airbus 320-200 and Airbus 319-111. It is thus fitting that the airline reserves these four types of aircraft for their medium to short-haul flights.

Finally, they round up their solid, yet diverse fleet with seventeen Embraer 195 aircraft (which can each seat up to a hundred and twenty people), and eighteen Bombardier Q400 aircraft (seating capacity of 75+) – again used for short and medium-haul flights. As you can see, this is a well-rounded fleet.


Austrian Airlines Holiday Packages


Flying aircraft under the sunset

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Austrian Airlines is legendary for its commitment to its people and passengers. It is this sentiment that reflects in the universal tagline: “My Austrian, the charming way to fly.” It is thus no surprise that their most popular deals mirror the vibrant pulse of its people. As the vacation season descends upon us, this adored airline is all set to pamper its loyal customers with several “My Austrian” themed vacation packages. Here is just a glimpse of the more popular ones.


My (Austrian) Winter Magic

Vienna, their charming capital, is world-renowned for many things. This year, it was ranked #1 as the “World’s Most Livable City.” It is also a cultural hub and is sprinkled with delightful coffee houses. However, it truly comes into its own during the winter months, as the city is alive with multiple celebrations. This includes the quaint Christmas markets, Victorian-style balls complete with a waltz, and spectacular theatrical displays at the Opera House. Of course, this all happens amidst plenty of winter sports – from skiing to ice-skating to curling.

Finally, Vienna serves up its very best gourmet delights during the winter holiday month of December. Keeping this diverse magic in mind, Austrian Airlines strives to lure its loyal customers to this entertaining city with their “My Winter Magic” holiday package. With this, their loyal customers enjoy tempting package deals to the capital city. They also provide online help to ensure their customers also get the best hotel packages.


My (Austrian) Holiday Joy

The holiday season is all about food, family, gifting, and celebration. This well-loved airline covers their customers on the last two counts, with the “My Holiday Joy” package. With this, you can present your loved ones with Austrian Airlines flight vouchers to their cherished vacation destinations. As that old adage goes, “Christmas is all about loving and sharing.” Perfect!


My (Austrian) Truly Comfy

The economy class has often been the bane of many a weary traveler. This is not the case on an Austrian Airlines flight. The airline provides a special “My Truly Comfy” deal – which is incidentally available throughout the year to upgrade to Premium Economy class on a long-distance flight.

This class offers luxuriously reclining seats with a comfortable footrest, ports and sockets for your phone charger and your laptop, and additional storage space for your clothes (including hooks for coats). Passengers enjoy their own 12-inch touch-screen monitor, noise-canceling headphones, and the best of entertainment options. Passengers can also experience a slice of Austrian warmth and hospitality with their own amenity kit.

Finally, Austrian Airlines rounds up its tempting palette of vacation packages with alluring flight prices to dream destinations – including Mauritius and Cape Town. Here, the airline specially designs these vacation packages for those customers who prefer spending their winter vacations in an exotic summer ambiance. Yes, your wish is this airline’s command. With all these benefits in place, the airline promises a charming flying experience and it delivers.



In summary, know that Austrian Airlines was awarded “Best Airline Staff Service in Europe, 2018.” This is high praise as Europe is known for its luxury airlines. As we all know, in-air food is a hit-or-miss during a long-distance flight. This is not the case with this airline, as reiterated by the “Best Business Class Onboard Catering, 2018” award.
They also go the extra distance for their loyal customers, with special services like web check-in, reservation of private seats, easy upgrades, a la carte menus (based on reservation), organization of rental cars, collaboration with AIRail across the country, issuance of a “Vienna card” for land-based transport within their capital city, and plenty more. Finally, you can explore all of their services even as you stay connected on your trip with the mobile-friendly “My Austrian app”. Now this is what you call an unblemished, truly worthy “My Austrian” travel experience. Happy flying!
Featured Image Source: Pixabay