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Emirates Airlines Holiday Packages: Our Guide

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For jet-setting travelers, Emirates Airlines brings up images of luxury and class. Emirates Airlines is known worldwide as one of the best airlines in the world. When you fly Emirates, you can expect the highest quality service and extravagant amenities. What some vacationers may not realize is that the service and luxury of Emirates Airlines don’t need to stop when you leave the plane. The airline has developed a tour-operating branch, offering the best vacation packages in the captivating wonderland of Dubai and the wider United Arab Emirates.

When Is the Best Time to Travel with Emirates Airlines?

To start your vacation off right, you want to make sure to travel at the best times. The best time will be slightly different depending on your personal circumstances, but we have a few tips for finding that sweet spot. Some of these tips focus on vacations to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, but Emirates Airlines offers luxurious packages to other locations in the Middle East and Asia. The best times to travel will depend on the specific country you choose to travel to.

Bank Holidays

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Because of Emirates Airlines’ solid reputation, they are a favorite for business travelers. If you travel during bank holidays when business travelers will be less likely to fly, you’re more likely to have a quieter, emptier plane.

Travel Midweek

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Flights from Europe to Dubai can be as low as $80 if you travel in the middle of the week—another time when business travelers are less likely to travel.

Avoid Ramadan

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Unless you are specifically looking to travel to Dubai for Ramadan, it would be better to try to avoid holiday packages traveling during this time period. You will need to check when Ramadan is for the year you are traveling. The Muslim holiday follows a lunar calendar, so it changes from year to year, and even from region to region. If you do visit during Ramadan, understand that most restaurants and some businesses will not be open during daylight hours. You will have to plan your meals and hydration. Eating and drinking in public during daylight hours should be avoided at all costs, including drinking water and smoking cigarettes. On the plus side, many hotels offer lavish Ramadan Iftaar feasts after sundown that can be quite the experience.

Winter Vacation

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One of the best times for an Emirates vacation is over the winter when you’re ready for some sunshine and warmth. Travelers love to take in the sights of the beaches, and kids can get wet and wild in some of the world’s best water and theme parks. If you can avoid the Christmas holiday time, you will have an easier time finding cheaper fares and stays. Many families plan their Dubai trip over the Christmas holiday, driving prices up. The best times in winter to avoid the crowds are late November through the first week of December and early March. If you are looking forward to an amazing shopping experience, you can’t beat the Dubai Shopping Festival that takes place in January and February.

Six Months after Buying Tickets


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If you’re looking for the cheapest fares, Emirates, like most airlines, starts to release their cheapest tickets about six months beforehand. If you take the time to plan ahead, you can get the best airfares.

Are Emirates Airlines Vacation Packages Affordable?

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Like Emirates Airlines, Dubai offers the height of luxury. You might believe that this means it would cost a small fortune to book a vacation package with Emirates Airlines. However, you would be shocked at how accessible and affordable it can be to enjoy some of the most luxurious accommodations in the world.

You can get a 4-night vacation package at a 5-star Dubai hotel for $656 per person. All-inclusive stays will cost between $892 and $1,529 per person, but, again, you will be enjoying 5-star accommodations at these prices. Each of the hotels that Emirates Airlines partners with to offer vacation packages must meet the luxury standards of the Emirates and is rated at 4-stars or more.

If you’re looking for a luxury stay in Asia, Emirates Airlines offers vacation packages with even better prices. A 7-night stay in Phuket, Thailand starts at around $828 per person. There are packages available for everyone, from honeymooners to families, in the following destinations:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Sri Lanka
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
  • Mauritius
  • The Maldives
  • Seychelles
  • Bali
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Southern Africa
  • Australia

How to Find the Best Emirates Airlines Vacation Package

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There is a wealth of options when you book your vacation package through Emirates Airlines. First, you want to figure out what you’re looking for on your vacation trip. Will it be a romantic getaway? Are you planning your honeymoon? Is this a family getaway with the kids? Are you looking for an adrenaline adventure? Or maybe a shopping adventure? Whatever your pleasure, Emirates Airlines has a dream package for you.

Best Packages for Couples and Honeymooners

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If you are looking to take a romantic vacation with that special someone, Emirates Airlines has glamorous packages to spark your romance. Choose your location based on both of your favorite activities. If you adore the finest gourmet cuisine, you can’t beat the Michelin-starred restaurants in Dubai filled with celebrity chefs. Amazing food, glorious sunsets, and sparkling city skylines will help any couple re-light that special spark.

For a more tropical destination, the resorts of Mauritius provide a gorgeous backdrop to your relaxation. With a vacation package to Mauritius, you can focus on reconnecting and luxuriating with each other as you enjoy some of the best spa services around the world.

Honeymooners often look for pristine tropical locations to celebrate their marriage, and Emirates Airlines doesn’t disappoint. There are options in the Maldives where you can relax in your glass-floored villa over the crystal clear ocean floor. For an extra special honeymoon that pulls out all the stops, go for the newly-built underwater villa at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. You and the love of your life can curl up together as tropical fish swim by overhead. This ultimate luxury experience, however, will set you back over $50,950.

Best Packages for Families

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Unlike some other luxury brands, Emirates Airlines believes in serving families with young children on their vacation getaways. Many of the hotels and resorts offer kids’ clubs so the little ones can enjoy kid-centered activities while the parents partake in more adult-oriented activities. For families that are looking for a wild adventure, vacation packages in Sri Lanka might be the best choice. Kids of all ages can hunt for the perfect picture of leopards and elephants out in nature, or of whales and dolphins in the tropical oceans.

Families who want to enjoy some theme parks, however, should choose one of the packages in Dubai and nearby Abu Dhabi. Emirates Airlines offers every person staying 3 nights or more a complimentary ticket to one of the Dubai Parks and Resorts theme parks in the area. These theme parks include:

  • Motiongate, by DreamWorks, Lionsgate, and Columbia Pictures
  • Bollywood Parks, inspired by some of India’s biggest blockbusters
  • LegoLand Dubai
  • LegoLand Water Park

Families looking to max out on the fun can opt for 7-day tickets to each of the four parks starting from $113 per person. Alternatively, visitors can stay at the Lapita as part of their vacation package, and gain free access to all of the parks.

Families might want to choose the fun at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, a family-friendly resort with marine-themed amusement. The resort offers complimentary access to the Aquaventure Water Park and their Lost Chambers Aquarium throughout your stay, as well as a one-day pass to one of the Dubai Parks and Resorts theme parks. A stay here will be the experience of a lifetime for any Master Chef Juniors in your family when they dine on cuisine at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen & Bar. The only downside to a stay on the infamous man-made islands of The Palm is that traffic will hamper your outings into Dubai.

Best Packages for Shoppers

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Shoppers of all passions will be in paradise during a trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Shoppers will want to choose a package closer to the heart of the city to maximize their shopping opportunities. Whether shopping for gorgeous, deep amber gold jewelry, the hottest fashions, the latest technology, or traditional handicrafts, every shopper’s dreams will be fulfilled. In one day, you can go from the old city souks to the shopping travels of famed Arabic explorer Ibn Battuta, and finally to the newest malls with designer fashion, ending your day with donning a snowsuit and snowboarding or skiing in the middle of the desert. Shoppers should aim to visit during the Dubai Shopping Festival which takes place every year around January and February.

Best Packages for Adventurers

Thrill-seekers will not be disappointed with an Emirates Airlines vacation. While none of the vacation packages are specifically geared towards adventurers, the concierge at your hotel will quickly be able to help you pick and plan for the many thrills available in the United Arab Emirates. Reach new heights with a visit to the observation deck of the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Go sandboarding on desert dunes, snowboarding inside a mall in the desert, dune-bashing in a Hummer or dune buggy, or enjoy the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf with flyboarding, diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, or parasailing. Those who want the ultimate adrenaline rush can even go zip-lining, bungee jumping, or sky-diving above the gorgeous city skyline of Dubai.


When you book your vacation with Emirates Airlines, you know you will receive the highest quality service and accommodations. The Emirates brand rests around the concept of luxury for everyone. While these packages may not be the cheapest you could find in your travels to these gorgeous, sunny, exotic locations, you will never worry about whether you’ll be accepting sub-par arrangements. Book your special trip with Emirates Airlines, and you and your loved ones can create special memories of living like royalty.