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Iberia Airlines Holiday Packages: Our Guide

Plane of Iberia Airlines

Planning your next international trip? Choosing the best airline for travel can be a tough job considering the burgeoning airline companies operating all over the world. If your work or recreational spot is an international destination, you will need to think about a lot of factors before you decide on the most appropriate flight. Some important considerations include a value for money, baggage fees, type of seats, timings, and in-flight entertainment offered. Iberia Airlines is an excellent choice because it scores high on many of the safety and comfort features that are prerequisites to your travel. Read on for more information on Iberia the company, its flights, and holiday packages.



Iberia Airlines Company Profile



Iberia is a decades-old flagship airline company of Spain with foundations laid in 1927. It joined an international alliance called “Oneworld” in 1999. International Airlines Group (IAG) is the parent company of Iberia Airlines. IAG operates the prime air connection between Europe and North America through its holdings that are British Airways, Iberia Airlines, and others.


The International Airlines Group (IAG) is the sixth-largest airline group globally (as per revenue) and transports over a million fliers to as many as 279 destinations through more than its 500 aircraft. Iberia Airlines handles a major chunk of IAG’s operations and is the main air connection between Latin America and Europe.


Iberia Airlines runs an economy carrier called Iberia Express and also has a franchise named Iberia Regional Air Nostrum. Iberia operates 600 flights in a single day. Iberia Airlines has emerged as a significant player in the world of air travel by flying to over 100 destinations in about 48 countries.


Iberia Airlines has code-sharing agreements with airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines, Finnair, Japan Airlines, Royal Jordanian, and many others. These partnerships make the outreach of Iberia Airlines even more extensive – expanding to 56 countries and 273 cities in them. Iberia Airlines flies to 18 Latin America zones via the 230 flights it operates every week.


The Madrid hub of the airline connects to 77 areas in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. In 2016, Iberia obtained the distinction of becoming the world’s most punctual airline. Iberia Airlines also focuses on sustainable flight operations and adheres to international and national standards of environmental protection measures. In 2017, Iberia was awarded the fourth Skytrax star for top-quality service and customer satisfaction. Iberia is not only involved in transportation but also deals with airport handling services, air cargo, and aircraft maintenance.



Destinations, Fleet, & More



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Iberia Airlines flies to over 120 areas in over 45 countries worldwide from its hub in the Spanish city of Madrid. As part of the Oneworld code-sharing partnership, the list of destinations that Iberia can take you to is even longer. Read on for everything you need to know about the flight zones, fleet, travel classes, and much more.





The world is your oyster if you choose Iberia Airlines. Iberia flies to almost all the continents, countries, and major cities across the globe. The operational hub for Iberia flights is the T4 terminal at Madrid. The principal destinations that you can take your pick from include the following:


1. Europe

Europe is not only the first choice for sightseeing but also a major business hub for the world. Iberia flies to most major European cities such as Moscow, Madrid, London, Athens, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, Budapest, Rome, Milan, Saint Petersburg, and many more.



2. North America

North America is where dreams and entrepreneurship meet and is the home of many popular destinations. Iberia Airlines flies to Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Mexico, and San Juan.


3. Central America

The land of mystique and the abode of the ancient Mayan civilization, Central America is a top tourist destination of the world. Iberia can take you to Cuba, Panama, and Guatemala among other destinations.


4. South America

Diversity and breathtaking landscapes call you to South America, and Iberia Airlines can help you get there with flights to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Cali, and other cities.


5. Africa and the Middle East

From the tropical zones of Africa to the exotic richness of the Middle East, Iberian Airlines is the perfect choice for the business or recreational traveler. Iberia has flights to Algiers, Marrakesh, Tel Aviv, Casablanca, Dakar, and other cities.




Photo of a Iberia airlineImage by flickr

The fleet of Iberia Airlines consists of Airbuses which total to about 85 in number. Iberia flew Boeing and other aircraft previously. The Iberia Regional Air Nostrum fleet is composed of 37 aircraft, while the Iberia Express fleet is constituted of 22 planes.



Travel Classes

Iberia Airlines offer the following seating classes for intercontinental flights:


Business Plus

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Business Plus is a world-class seating with 86 inches of dedicated personal seating space. The seats in this class are plush and fold out to create a comfortable bed to lie on. Wine and a special “Sommelier’s Recommendation” are also offered along with a sumptuous meal which can be pre-ordered at the time of flight booking.

Theme-based channels and internet browsing will keep you occupied throughout the flight. Special menus are also available for those with allergies or health issues. You can make calls or text while you fly as well. An exclusive VIP lounge is available for this class of passengers too. A limousine pickup and drop-off service and preferential check-in add to the customized service for business plus seating.



Economy Class

The economy class has comfortable seating with provisions with an internet connection and a personal touchscreen. In-flight entertainment consists ofa wide array of television series, documentaries, and movies to choose from. Meals can be booked beforehand and special menus are available on some flights.



Seating Classes on Domestic Flights


Business Class

One seat is left vacant adjacent to every seat to allow more personal space. Preferential check-in and VIP lounges are offered for this set of travelers. You can also use a fast-track security check-in. You can choose from a wide selection of meals and enjoy the exclusive Business-class in-flight magazine called Excelente.



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The seats are comfortable with in-flight entertainment and a selection of meals available as per choice.



Seating Classes for Middle Eastern, North African, and European Destinations


Business Club

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Here, the seats have an adjustable headrest, seat, and back for maximum comfort. A wide choice of menus and in-flight entertainment is available. An iPad is provided for use throughout the flight. A VIP lounge, fast-track security clearance, and check-in are also part of the facilities.



Economy Class


The economy seating is comfortable. A host of in-flight entertainment choices and meal options are available for the passengers.



Iberia Plus Frequent Flier Program

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This is the loyalty program of Iberia Airlines. Cardholders earn “Avios” or currency to use for services offered by affiliated companies. More than 90 firms are part of this program in different sectors such as flights, shopping, hotels, and more. Members are assigned a specific tier status that determines the benefits they can use. The different ranks are the following:


  • Iberia Plus Platinum
  • Iberia Plus Gold
  • Iberia Plus Silver
  • Iberia Plus Clasica

Further, every time you fly with Iberia and use the Iberia Plus card, you collect Elite Points. The points accumulated can be used to change your status to a higher tier and use of more benefits. An Iberia Plus Program for kids is also available. Passengers also get advantages with the Oneworld alliance partners when they use their Iberia Plus card.




Airport Services

Iberia provides several services at its Madrid and Barcelona terminals to enhance your on-ground experience. Some of these airport services are the following:


  • Shuttle service
  • VIP car park
  • Limousines
  • VIP lounges
  • Business-class check-in
  • Fast track security check



Iberia Airlines Holiday Packages

Iberia offers holiday packages for both Christmas and Epiphany. Take a look:


1. Christmas Holiday Packages

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Iberia sends out vacation offers with cheap flight bookings to selected areas. A few holiday flights (outbound and return) with prices are as follows:


  • Flights to New York from $878
  • Flights to Paris from $151
  • Flights to Panama from $744
  • Flights to Madrid from $52
  • Flights to Bilbao from $121

Many more vacation packages are available at the website for Iberia Airlines.



2. Epiphany Holiday Packages


Flight packages for Epiphany include (outbound and return) the following:

  • Flights to Frankfurt from $190
  • Flights to Casablanca from $347
  • Flights to London from $99
  • Flights to Sao Paulo from $892
  • Flights to Munich from $132

You can check out more offers at the website for Iberia Airlines.






Iberia Airlines is a world-class airline with flights to many countries and cities across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Africa. You can opt for business or economy seating as per your budget and also take advantage of the Iberia Plus Program for services with partner firms through the Oneworld alliance. Iberia Airlines makes sure you don’t regret your decision to choose the best airline by offering the most competitive prices, luxurious services, and unbeatable packages. Visit their site today and see where Iberia Airlines can take you.


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