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Top 5 New Orleans Vacation

Street in New Orleans

Is there any city that is simultaneously so unique and so quintessentially American as New Orleans? On one hand, no city in the world resembles the Big Easy, even though elements of New Orleans call to mind Continental Europe, Colonial America, and the Caribbean.


On the other, what would American culture even look like without the influence of New Orleans? Jazz remains one of the few art forms that Americans can claim for having created. It seems it could only have developed in the swampy incubator that is the City That Care Forgot.


It is no surprise that countless travelers from within the United States and without all look for the best New Orleans vacation.


New Orleans Travel Guide


Traveling to New Orleans feels like traveling to a new country. Even those in the nearby Baton Rouge are compelled to drive the hour into NOLA for a radically different atmosphere.


In fact, the mists, the music, the lights, costumes, beads, the scrumptious seafood, and that jazzy soundtrack in the air—they combine to create an atmosphere that is not just other-country, but other-worldly.

The voodoo spirit is still strong in New Orleans and even the staunchest materialist will find themselves swinging and boogying to the strange vibes of the magical city.



new orleans tram



But for that very reason, a New Orleans vacation can seem more a foray into an unknown but enchanting jungle than a classic vacation to the beach.


The city’s reputation for crime is largely overblown, but you will certainly get much further knowing a bit about the city before you dive straight in. For the extra layer of guidance and security, you can check out one of the many vacation packages that travel agencies offer online.


Not all New Orleans vacation packages are created equal, however. Many present a bundle that sounds inviting on paper but really would have been far cheaper if you explored the city and found each element on your own.


We don’t want to leave any of our readers in the dark when it comes to the best type of New Orleans vacation packages out there, and so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite five New Orleans vacation packages that are available online.


Festival Times and Descriptions


There are many considerations beyond just which bundled experience to choose. New Orleans changes drastically depending on the season and the festival.


Knowing the times and types of its celebrations will allow you to tailor your Crescent City experience to the precise flavor of the party you desire.


For New Orleans, knowing when is often more important than knowing where.


Mardi Gras

The big kahuna. You probably know by now whether you want to be in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Although, we will say if you think it’s all debauchery and exposed breasts you are not correct.


Many corners of Mardi Gras are quite family-friendly and in fact, young ones abound in many of the daytime parades. This is the face of Carnival in America, and possibly one of the best examples of a pre-Lent celebration in the world.


The day of Mardis Gras will be Tuesday, March 5th in 2019, February 25th in 2020, and February 16th in 2021. However, the parades start over a month before they ramp up to the craziness everyone expects for Fat Tuesday.



New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Commonly called “Jazz Fest,” this festival is held at the Fairgrounds and spans the last weekend in April and the first weekend in May. Only Mardi Gras is a bigger deal than Jazz fest. And Jazz Fest is much more than jazz. Multiple genres of music and many types of food also join this party.



French Quarter Festival

A free festival that takes place around the titular French Quarter. That’s right free. It usually takes place the weekend before Jazz Fest.


Essence Festival

The Essence Festival happens in early July. It affects driving traffic but not foot traffic as much since it is centered around the Superdome.



San Fermin en Nueva Orleans

Also known as “Running of the Bulls” New Orleans style. This July festival resembles the “running of the bulls” that happens in Pamplona, Spain. However, instead of bovine animals chasing the runners, in New Orleans, the runners are chased by roller derby girls with plastic baseball bats to whack those lagging behind.



Satchmo Summer Festival

This festival celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of New Orleans jazz legend Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. It has a surprisingly large turn out for a festival in the south that takes place in the heat of August.



Southern Decadence

The Labor Day weekend event that mixes Gay pride and Southern decadence.




Almost as big of a costume event as Mardis Gras, Halloween is huge in New Orleans. Expect to have your mind blown by the amount of fancy dress.



Voodoo Experience

Hosting multiple stages in City Park around Halloween, Voodoo is the pop alternative to Jazz fest. Expect sexy and spooky costumes to abound at this raucous outdoor party.



Top 5 New Orleans Vacation Packages


New Orleans Spirits Package

Ghost, ghouls, and spirits alike will enjoy their time bumping in the night with a New Orleans vacation. Without needing to plan a giant, magical ceremony, you can enjoy a luxurious stay at the Bourbon Orleans in the throbbing heart of the city, the French Quarter.



French Quarter



Within walking distance of the hotel are bars, eats, tricks, and treats. The hotel offers the New Orleans Spirits package to all its ghoulish guests. The package is two nights of accommodation. Hitchhiking ghosts on the ride home are not included.
The package will whisk you away to Pat O’Brien’s for a quick hurricane and indulge you with beignets and coffee for two at Cafe du Monde. To top off the night, the package will send you on a ghost hunt through the city with a walking tour.

Classic Crescent City

Cocktails, breakfast, in-room bottled artesian water, OH MY! With a stay at the lovely Hotel Mazarin near Jackson Square, you too can explore the great and awesome city of New Orleans on a schedule.
The hotel offers the Classic Crescent City package, including three nights of accommodation. The package is great for couples who don’t want to think about planning for a few days. Why not let the hotel design your perfect getaway?


Jackson Square



Tours are the name of the game here, folks. The package offers a super city tour for two, a daytime riverboat tour for two, and admissions for two to the Southern Food & Beverage museum. Beignets & coffee for two at Cafe du Monde are included as well.

All About Kids

Who needs to leave the kids at home for an opulent New Orleans vacation? Not you! Hotel Monteleone is a beautiful hotel on Royal Street offering a package for your children. Featuring a lobby, heated rooftop pool, and a restaurant, this hotel is not to miss for the kiddos.



Louisiana State Museum



This is the only package we review that actually included a package! Included in the package for kids are a disposable camera, a deck of cards, admissions to all Louisiana Children’s Museum, a coloring book, and crayons. Additionally, the package includes admissions to either Audubon Aquarium of the Americas or Entergy IMAX.


You may be thinking: what about me? Well, the hotel has not forgotten about their adult guests; there is and bar that serves its drinks on an impressive revolving circus-themed Merry-Go-Round. What more could you want?

Retreat to Romance

A city with music, dancing, and mystery must surely put the smell of romance into the air. Omni hotels surely think so as they offer you a New Orleans vacation jam-packed with romance from start to finish.


Located on the corner of St. Louis Street, the hotel offers you the Retreat to Romance package, including luxurious accommodation. Not to worry, before you ever face the sobering streets of NOLA, the hotel delivers a bottle of sparkling wine to your room upon arrival.


St. Louis Street in New Orleans



Hot Dog! There won’t be any street food purchased from the back of a food truck in your future because you will receive $100 in eating and drink credit with your stay.


With the package is a romantic turndown service that includes music, lighting, and robes. Additionally, the concierge will assist you with personal requests and touches of romance.


Conscious of your proper New Orleans vacation late romantic nights, the hotel provides guests with a late 1:00 PM checkout, the perfect end to the perfect day.

Buy Two Nights, Get One Free

Are you feeling frisky and free in the French Quarter? The French Quarter Guest Houses are a group of four boutique style hotels in a residential area that are perfect for a New Orleans vacation. Each one of these distinct hotels shows off the local architecture, with stunning rooftops and balconies.


The houses offer a Buy Two Nights, Get One Free package, letting guests who arrive on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays get a steep discount when staying for three nights! This is the best package for the nervous since it offers the flexibility of 48-hour cancellation.




The internet will offer no shortage of travel packages that will promise to mesmerize you on your New Orleans experience.


While we find unique and positive aspects in each of the New Orleans vacation packages we’ve presented, it is New Orleans itself that is the real glory.


You will not regret a visit to this world-class city, and we encourage you to pick the package that best empowers you to explore the Big Easy with pep and confidence.


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