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Philippine Airlines Holiday Packages


“Life is a trip, plan your next vacation!” proclaimed the enterprising Matthew E. Fryer. Philippine Airlines is an international carrier that takes these words to heart. They pamper their loyal customers with both domestic and international vacation packages, which includes the price of both airfare and hotel accommodation.

This is a big turnaround from the offerings of typical travel portals where the focus is primarily on the quality of the accommodation. The downside to this kind of setup is that the quality of your travel experiences can be as varied as the destinations because there is no allegiance to either hotel or airline to provide a consistent experience.

Also, how likely are you to visit the same hotel twice in your lifetime, especially when on vacation? The answer is that unless this is your favorite vacation spot, not likely. Now imagine if this was flipped around. An airline needs your long-term patronage and loyalty to thrive, so it is committed to maintaining a high quality of ALL your travel experiences – both personal and professional. Philippine Airlines targets this sweet spot, with its “PAL Swingaround Tour Packages”.

Philippine Airlines Company Profile

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Set up in early 1941, Philippine Airlines is Asia’s first ever airline. Headquartered in Pasay city, this is a company with over 77 years of eventful history.

An Organic Growth That Withstood a World War…

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In the summer of 1941, Philippine Airlines (also known as PAL) enjoyed its first tryst as an airline carrier, with a mid-sized trip just over 155 miles from Makati to Baguio. A month later, they joined hands with the government and turned into a national carrier across all of the Philippines. By the end of the year, the company expanded and introduced its first service to the capital city of Cebu. However, this success was short-lived as the events of World War II forced the company to cease operations.

In February 1946, it could finally restart full-fledged operations, coming back with a bang as it reintroduced service across 15 cities in its home country. Shortly after, it became the first Asian airline to cross the mighty Pacific Ocean on a round trip to the USA, setting the stage for it to become a leading international carrier.

Successful Emergence from Financial Crisis

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The company suffered a major setback (like the rest of the country), due to the Asian financial crisis of 1997, when it was forced to cut down a large part of its international operations. It made a dramatic comeback in 2006 reporting a net income of $140+ million – its highest income since its inception – and regained its reputation as a leading domestic and international carrier.

Philippine Airlines recently celebrated their widespread global success in November this year, by claiming the honor of being the “most improved airline for 2019” (as per a review based on That is high praise for a company that has outlasted several of its initial peers.

A Company Committed to the Community

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It is through the PAL foundation that Philippine Airlines expresses its consistent commitment to the community. In times of strife, you can expect this socially aware company to be busy at work as they transport much-needed aid to places hit by natural calamities, and carry the patients (free of charge) to emergency treatments and surgeries. However, their responsibility to society does not end there. They also empower the underprivileged community to represent the best of the Philippines, by sponsoring worthy individuals in global competitions through PAL’s CSR flagship programs.

A Massive Fleet That Covers Over 71 Unique Destinations

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This is a company uncompromisingly committed to the highest in quality. For its operations, it uses a carefully chosen mix of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, thus bringing together the very best of both American and European aeronautic technology. You should also know their aircraft have an average age of less than six years. This is a company which does not shy away from frequently updating their technology!

As of November 2018, the might of Philippine Airlines covers almost every inch of its home country, as its fleet of domestic aircraft serves across 31 widespread destinations. These include popular spots like Manila, Bacolod, Basco (Batanes), Busuanga (Coron), Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Calbayog, Catarman, Caticlan (Boracay), Cebu, Clark, Davao, Dipolog, Dumaguete, General Santos, Iloilo, Kalibo, Laoag, Legazpi, Masbate, Naga, Puerto Princesa, Roxas, Surigao, Tacloban, Tagbilaran (Bohol), Tuguegarao, and Zamboanga.

It also makes its international presence felt all across the world (and especially in Asia, Europe, and North America), as it caters to 41 global destinations. This includes global centers like Abu Dhabi, Auckland, Bahrain, Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Brisbane, Busan, Cairns, Calgary, Dammam, Darwin, Doha, Dubai, Edmonton, Fukuoka, Guam, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Jakarta, Jeddah, Kuwait, Jinjiang, London, Los Angeles, Macau, Melbourne, Montreal, Nagoya, New York, Osaka, Ottawa, Port Moresby, Riyadh, Saipan, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Xiamen.

Extras to Lure Every Traveler

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It is every traveler’s big dream to be unexpectedly upgraded to a higher-class airline seat. Philippine Airlines caters to this fascination through three upgrade programs: my Pal upgrade, Business-class upgrade, and Premium Economy upgrade. With these, you can make your dream a realistic possibility when you check-in for your current flight. (You can also bid for a big upgrade on your next flight, starting as low as $100!)

The airline has also found a clever way to address two top travel pains: cloistered seating and excess baggage. With Philippine Airlines, you can pick out your choice of seating on that long-distance flight for as little as an additional $15. You can also secure a whopping discount of 60% when you choose to pre-pay for excess baggage at least four hours before your flight. As if this is not enough, the airline also provides travel insurance (at extra cost) for your precious baggage. As any seasoned flyer will tell you, these are exactly the kind of extras that can make even the longest of flights imminently worthwhile.

Philippine Airlines Holiday Packages

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As a frequent flyer, the biggest bang for your buck comes through the holiday packages offered by Philippine Airlines. Here, there are two types:

PALmazing Weekend Deals

Yes, we agree that so far, almost everything that the airline sets out to provide is truly “PALmazing,” meaning Philippine-Airlines-amazing. However, the weekend deals are at another level altogether. With this, the airline runs “seat sales” every weekend to cover your next trip. These are not strictly holiday packages as they can also be used for your business trips. In fact, a clever customer can easily use this facility to secure a round trip to the US (from the Philippines) in business-class, for under $1,000! Ask any regular flyer and they will tell you that is an absolute steal.

PAL Swingaround Tour Packages

These are the tour packages mentioned at the start of this blog. Through this, Philippine Airlines re-iterates its commitment to the customer by securing the quality of your entire travel experience. This includes airfare, accommodation, fees, and taxes for both domestic and international holiday destinations.

At present, their top domestic destinations are coveted holiday hotspots within the home country. This includes an all-inclusive trip from Manila to Puerto Princesa OR Manila to Cebu, and it starts at an astonishingly low cost of $70 per night! Their international packages are also extensive enough to suit their wide range of customers and cover almost every global city on the planet!

Personalized to the Customer

As a previous PAL customer, you might still have your doubts on why PAL’s vacation packages trump the deals provided by the average travel portal. In their own words (as stated by PAL manager, Desi Martin), “Our tour packages offer more than just affordable rates. We make each and every travel experience comfortable and delightful. At Philippine Airlines, we give you service like no other marked by warmth, charm, and hospitality. We provide you an in-flight experience characterized by the Heart of the Filipino”.

As you can see, they do promise to go all out. (Unlike the ordinary travel portal, they thrive by your repeated business.) It is this unshakeable commitment which has the airline providing additional features you are sure to miss on a mediocre holiday:

  •     In-flight wireless connectivity
  •     Customized in-flight entertainment
  •     Exclusive access to their myPal portal.

These allow you to remain securely connected to the PAL network through your entire vacation. The cherry on top is when you can use your frequent flyer miles to pay for both the airline and the hotel accommodation as organized by the airline’s Swingaround tour package. Perfect!


It is rare for an airline – international or otherwise – to offer the quality of your travel experience beyond the airport. Through its Swingaround tour packages, Philippine Airlines offers its loyal customers a continuation of the exclusive “PAL experience” well beyond its aircraft. With this, they take care of your hotel accommodations, your travel insurance and taxes, and help you stay securely connected to their network throughout your travel through the myPal portal. Can one ask for more? As every avid traveler will recognize, this is an airline with heart.